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Pre Treatments Lines

Painting Booths, Pre Treatments & Painting Lines

Painting booths:

Water curtain, Water scrubber, Dry filter, Down draft, side draft, Pressurized, negative pressure are the various type of paint booths Blastclean can design , manufacture and supply of size as required by customer. Paint booth can be supplied with material handling system like trolley, roller conveyor, slat conveyor, monorail etc.

1. Dry filter paint booths

2. Water curtain Paint booths

Pretreatment, Painting & drying lines:

Pretreatment is a chemical process of surface preparation mostly used on cold rolled steel. It can be designed with dipping or spray type depending upon the size of job and process requirement. Blastclean supplies complete line with handling system, pretreatment, drying and painting.

Automatic painting systems:

Automatic Painting lines are designed with reciprocates, fix spray guns and with robots. Painting systems are integrated with conveyor lines and are designed as per job & customer requirement.

Automatic painting systems Automatic painting systems Painting booths Painting booths
Pretreatment Lines Pretreatment Lines Pretreatment Lines Pretreatment Lines
Painting Lines Painting Lines Painting Lines Drying Lines
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